Redesigning Teaching & Learning to reflect 21st Century Skills Development

The American educational system is one of the slowest institutions to change; we need a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we educate children. Students tend to be taught with a closed book format for an open book format world. Veronica can guide you in redeveloping your pedagogy by:

  • Creating a curriculum that develops: focus and self-control, communication, creativity, perspective taking, problem solving, collaboration and risk taking.
  • Shifting from academic learning that involves: memorizing, practicing, counting & reciting
  • Focusing on intellectual learning that emphasizes: reasoning, predicting, hypothesizing & problem solving

Our educational consulting firm will coach you keeping in mind latest research, best educational practices, leadership and change theory while exploring each of the categories, their potential impact over the others and how to manage the ongoing communication – from systemic change

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"As my coach, Veronica has helped me to set manageable goals for our program. She has supported me in my work while pushing me outside of my comfort zone. This has helped me to make positive changes in my role as Director. Veronica is a passionate and knowledgeable ECE professional and human being."

Jodi Sadler Director, Jewish Educational Alliance Preschool Savannah April 27, 2019