"As my coach, Veronica has helped me to set manageable goals for our program. She has supported me in my work while pushing me outside of my comfort zone. This has helped me to make positive changes in my role as Director. Veronica is a passionate and knowledgeable ECE professional and human being."

Jodi Sadler Director, Jewish Educational Alliance Preschool Savannah April 27, 2019

"Veronica Maravankin has been consulting with Shalom Children’s Center for the past 2 years. During that time, we have undergone a huge transformation as we moved into a new building, experienced staff turnover, introduced new concepts related to constructivist theory, and created a new Outdoor Learning Environment from scratch. Veronica’s insight, advice, and knowledge of the ECE field has been a huge asset to me as I lead my team of diverse teachers through this change process. Veronica will observe, document and then guide with intention. She has provided so many resources for me and my staff with books, articles, and sometimes just simple questions that provoke meaningful conversations and reflections. Veronica has helped me with everything from curriculum development and professional resources to budgeting and scheduling issues. She has advocated to my Executive Director on our program’s behalf and has helped to engage my parents to become advocates for our teaching philosophy and importance of Early Childhood Education. Veronica has been a personal mentor for me and my learning community through the JCCA, organizing and facilitating monthly meetings so that we can continue to collaborate and support one another. She is always encouraging me to reflect on my growth and it is truly helping to keep me motivated. I highly recommend hiring Veronica to help you become the director you want to be in the school that you know you can become."

Kate Brantley Early Childhood Education Director, Shalom Children’s Center Asheville JCC April 27, 2019

"Working with Veronica has transformed my work as a director. Her support and guidance have been critical factors in our successes this year. Thanks to Veronica we are able to see the tasks ahead more clearly, think proactively and plan for the changes we want to make. Veronica is an invaluable thought partner!"

Caitlin Sullivan-Fieldman Co-Director, Godine Early Learning Center JCC Greater Boston April 28, 2019

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Veronica for over a year.  When I began my tenure at the JCC in Orlando, I had the incredible fortune of meeting Veronica at the school she was directing at the time. I was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and passion for early childhood and knew immediately that I needed to find a way to learn from her. Being assigned to Veronica in a mentorship relationship has been one of the greatest professional gifts I have every received. She challenges me, supports me, pushes me and allows me to be the best version of myself. Her expertise and support has allowed me to have an increased impact at my center and has resulted in sustainable positive growth that has far-reaching implications. She is a true leader in our field and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn and grow with her."

Melissa Youngblood Early Childhood Director Richard S. Adler Early Childhood Learning Center May 1, 2019

“Veronica’s experience, wisdom and clarity of vision has been the motivating force behind the transformation of our school.  With laser-like focus and full transparency, she emphasizes the important issues that propel us forward.”

Theresa Levy Director of Early Childhood Education, Jewish Community Alliance, Jacksonville, FL May 13, 2019

Endorsement Letters

Read what nationally recognized educational leaders have to say about Veronica Maravankin.

Diana Ganger
Coach & Consultant in Organizational and Educational settings – Co-Founder & Director of Ideal18


To Benefit Children with Diverse Learning Needs

West Palm Beach Community leaders recognized Veronica Maravankin, who served as the
Mandel JCC’s Early Childhood Director from 2007 to 2018,
and was widely recognized for championing, creating, and implementing innovative approaches in special
needs education.