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Fiscal Responsibility

The same scenario occurs time and time again. Educators and financial professionals seem to be at odds. Often, educators lack a clear understanding of the financial aspects of the school, while finance professionals lack understanding of educational priorities. Creating an effective budget is always a matter of prioritizing. You have to balance pedagogical and financial decisions and ensure these decisions take into consideration best educational practices that ensure the sustainability of a quality education. Our firm is well-versed in both ends of the spectrum and can help plan and/or review budgets in the context of your school’s values and vision.

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"Veronica Maravankin has been consulting with Shalom Children’s Center for the past 2 years. During that time, we have undergone a huge transformation as we moved into a new building, experienced staff turnover, introduced new concepts related to constructivist theory, and created a new Outdoor Learning Environment from scratch. Veronica’s insight, advice, and knowledge of Continue Reading

Kate Brantley Early Childhood Education Director, Shalom Children’s Center Asheville JCC April 27, 2019