Catalyzing Systemic Change through Strategic Planning

Building a School of Excellence requires both vision and a detailed plan. This type of systemic change—one that fundamentally shifts a school’s educational paradigm—is no small feat. That’s why our firm is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest research, industry best practices and change theory.

We approach a project of this magnitude with a plan that encompasses the following four stages:

  • Assessment – Identify the school’s systems, policies and procedures that are in place/need revisions/require development to support smooth day-to-day operations. Learn what is the different stakeholders’ understanding and implementation of quality educational practices.
  • Planning – Guide stakeholders through a visioning process. Develop a blueprint for systems & structures that support the school’s educational philosophy and create a professional development plan for faculty.
  • Execution – Actualize the vision by leading professional development sessions, creating learning communities, targeting focused areas for growth etc.
  • Sustainability – Structure layers of leadership and accountability to ensure the changes are maintained and continue to evolve.

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