Professional Development

When it comes to professional development, our firm offers a broad menu of options that encompasses work with both faculty and administration, including: one-on-one coaching, facilitating learning communities, curating of resources and speaking engagements such as:

Start with the Why

All of us know what is taught, but few of us consider why we teach what we teach. This seminar explores that question and presents best practice options.

Creating Values-Based School Celebrations

Explore how your school’s vision can influence every aspect of a celebration, making it more meaningful and enjoyable for all.

The Director’s Cozy Corner

A Coaching Session” – Everyone can use a coach—especially one who helps you engage in inquiry-based reflection, a key component for sustainable professional development.

The Importance of Story Gathering

Learn about this trust-building technique which can have a profound effect on your school community.

Demystifying the Concept of Curriculum

Somewhere between teacher-driven instruction and unstructured play is where true learning takes place. Veronica can help you clarify to educators and families how curriculum develops. Together, we will explore how the intentional set-up of environments, intended to provoke curiosity, coupled with the teachers’ interventions, engages children’s minds and hearts and brings forth curriculum. 

Emotionally Responsive Practice

Children’s behaviors, including the most challenging ones, are a response to an emotional need that has gone unnoticed or unmet. As educators, our role is to understand the underlying emotions driving the behavior and respond accordingly. Lessen your frustrations as an educator and grow your intentionality in responding to children’s feelings.

Exploring the Holidays through Big Ideas

If the most important role of a quality educator is ensuring that children ask questions, embrace trial and error and practice reflection to devise their own paradigms, how do we tackle the cycle of holidays within the framework of this educational philosophy?

Meaningful Conclusions, Transitions & New Beginnings

How do we prepare our different constituents (children, families and educators) for the ending of one phase and the beginning of the new one? Each leg of a journey offers the opportunity for learning and growth. Let’s discuss inspirational ways to celebrate the end of the year that reflect your school’s values and beliefs.

Other speaking engagements have included topics such as:

  • Diverse Learning Needs – Development of Response to Intervention Protocols

  • Inquiry Based Learning

  • Development of an Early Childhood Physical Education Curriculum

  • Designing Learning Environments that Reflect the Values of the Program

  • Designing Learning Environments that Support a Strong Image of the Child

  • Schema Theory

  • Loose Parts, Provocations & Invitations to Learning

  • Contextualizing Classroom Rules & Classroom Jobs

  • Development of Protocols to Create Inclusive Environments

  • Seamless Judaism – Lenses

Speaking engagements are offered individually or as a package.
Veronica customizes these to meet your goals.