How can you develop 21st Century citizens if you don’t provide them with a 21st Century education?

There’s a quiet revolution going on in early childhood education programs. This new educational philosophy is designed to prepare young learners for the challenges that lay ahead of them. If you haven’t adapted your program to develop 21st Century skills, you may be missing an incredible opportunity to maximize the potential of the students who attend your school. Considering that 90% of brain growth takes place before age 5, your program can be a springboard for the rest of your students’ education, their careers and their lives. That’s a big responsibility.

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Veronica Maravankin, Ed, M. is an early childhood expert, proficient in catalyzing systemic change through strategic planning, redesigning teaching and learning to reflect 21st-century skills development, fiscal responsibility, professional development and supervision, values-based education, and lay leader and donor relations. 

Veronica holds a Master’s degree in Education, with a focus on human development and psychology, from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She served as the Early Childhood Director of the Barbara & Jack Kay Early Childhood Learning Center at the Mandel Jewish Community Center of the Palm Beaches for 12 years. During her tenure, Veronica led a process of transforming the school from a traditional daycare to a state-of-the-art, forward-thinking Early Childhood Learning Center; from a school that relied solely on a rote learning-based curriculum to a school where constructivist, inquiry-based learning takes center stage. 


"As my coach, Veronica has helped me to set manageable goals for our program. She has supported me in my work while pushing me outside of my comfort zone. This has helped me to make positive changes in my role as Director. Veronica is a passionate and knowledgeable ECE professional and human being."

Jodi Sadler Director, Jewish Educational Alliance Preschool Savannah

Case Studies

Case #1
School-Family Partnership

Beginning of the year onslaught of parent complaints regarding teacher assignment.

Case #2
Graduation Ceremony

Pre-K graduation had become all about the parents, rather than the children.

Case #3
Staff Compliance

Teachers weren’t complying with the staff handbook.


To Benefit Children with Diverse Learning Needs

West Palm Beach Community leaders recognized Veronica Maravankin, who served as the Mandel JCC’s Early Childhood Director from 2007 to 2018, and was widely recognized for championing, creating, and implementing innovative approaches in special needs education.

Our Families, Our Schools, Our Future

[Schools are] places of life for children, teachers, and families – places not only to transmit culture and support the family, but to create new culture, the culture of childhood, the culture of the child; places in which we can offer to our society a new image of the child, a new image of childhood.