Systemic Change

Systemic Change

Shifting the educational paradigm of a school it is a not a small feat; yet the children and the families deserve no less.

Leaders need to be well versed not only in latest research and best educational practices but in leadership and change theory.

In addition, each school needs to be looked at as a system of interconnected categories, such us curriculum, environments, materials, child development, adult learning, parents, lay leaders, executive leadership, management, and more.

The questioning and growth of any given category directly impacts all the others. This is important for two reasons; on the one hand, monitoring the growth of one area will inform the need to further develop the understanding of another; on the other hand, as changes of any kind take place, from procedural to content related changes, leaders need to be constantly asking themselves “who needs to know what and when,” and communicate accordingly with the different constituencies.

Our educational consulting firm will coach you keeping in mind latest
research, best educational practices, leadership and change theory while
exploring each of the categories, their potential impact over the others
and how to manage the ongoing communication.

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