Veronica is available as a consultant in the following areas:

Redesigning Teaching & Learning to reflect 21st Century Skills Development

The American educational system is one of the slowest institutions to change; we need a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we educate children. Students tend to be taught with a closed book format for an open book format world. Veronica can guide you in redeveloping your pedagogy by:

  • Creating a curriculum that develops: focus and self-control, communication, creativity, perspective taking, problem solving, collaboration and risk taking.
  • Shifting from academic learning that involves: memorizing, practicing, counting & reciting.
  • Focusing on intellectual learning that emphasizes: reasoning, predicting, hypothesizing & problem solving.

Catalyzing Systemic Change through Strategic Planning

Building a School of Excellence requires both vision and a detailed plan. This type of systemic change—one that fundamentally shifts a school’s educational paradigm—is no small feat. That’s why our firm is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest research, industry best practices and change theory.

We approach a project of this magnitude with a plan that encompasses the following four stages:

  • Assessment – Identify systems, policies and procedures that are in place, need to be revised or need to be developed to support a smooth day to operations of the school and asses the different stakeholders’ understanding and implementation of quality educational practices.
  • Planning – Guide stakeholders through a visioning process. Develop a blueprint for systems & structures that support the school’s educational philosophy and create a professional development plan for faculty. 
  • Execution – Actualize the vision by leading professional development sessions, creating learning communities, targeting focused areas for growth etc.
  • Sustainability –Structure layers of leadership and accountability to ensure the changes are maintained and continue to evolve

Professional Development

When it comes to professional development, our firm offers a broad menu of options that encompasses work with both faculty and administration, including: one-on-one coaching, facilitating learning communities, curating of resources and speaking engagements such as:

  • Start with the Why
  • Creating Values-Bases School Celebrations
  • The Director Cozy Corner
  • The Importance of Story Gathering
  • and much more…

Values Based Education

How might being inspired by a set of core values influence your school’s practice? Defining your school’s shared values is paramount to understanding why you do what you do.

Veronica will help you answer questions such as:

  • What are the shared values of the school?
  • How do we design learning environments that embody these values?
  • How do these values inform all the decisions made at school? 

Our educational consulting firm will guide you in developing a values-based education program for your school.

Lay Leader & Donor Relations

Developing and nurturing relationships with lay leaders and community philanthropists is as important as the day-to-day operations of the school. Our educational consulting firm can share with you many stories of successful advocacy, while helping you identify potential donor relationships and coaching you through this exhilarating process.

Fiscal Responsibility

The same scenario occurs time and time again. Educators and financial professionals seem to be at odds. Often, educators lack a clear understanding of the financial aspects of the school, while finance professionals lack understanding of educational priorities. Creating an effective budget is always a matter of prioritizing. You have to balance pedagogical and financial decisions and ensure these decisions take into consideration best educational practices that ensure the sustainability of a quality education. Our firm is well-versed in both ends of the spectrum and can help plan and/or review budgets in the context of your school’s values and vision.